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Stand on the Shoulders of Every AI Giant

Discover, customize and deploy low-code AI recipes using the best of private and open source AI.

Built for developers who code fast, teams that prove ROI and people that change the world. 

Build AI Solutions in Days
not Months

400,000 Users & 2M AI Runs and Counting

Enterprise AI Solutions

Cloud Hosted, On Prem or Mixed

Get Started with 1000 Credits Included

Global Enterprises, Foundations, Startups and Agencies
Trust Gooey for their AI Strategy

Flexible Workflows for Infinite Use-cases


Boost your search rank with realtime SERP + AI content. Discover what the LLMs really think about your brand.



Access, integrate and scale your products with GPT4o, LLaMA3, Gemini & Claude3 through a unified API and single billing account for your whole team.



Generate high-quality reports from real-time call transcripts, internal documents, external data sources and your critical insights.




Reach beneficiaries and stakeholders in local languages with hallucination-free WhatsApp/Facebook bots built your internal knowledge base.



Unlock productivity with AI RAG copilots built from your internal documents, data and APIs. Includes 👍🏾 👎🏽 feedback, retention & analytics to prove ROI.



Drive IRL customer engagement through artistic QR codes and personalized animations and imagery for media campaigns.



Create gorgeous animations & edit your photos with AI.

Compare the AI image models (DallE, Stable Diffusion, etc) to find works best for you.



Scale your staff’s knowledge base with intelligent Slack bots that aggregate every best practice in your organization.  Content analysis included.

The Best of Private and Open Source AI

It’s hard to keep up with the tech giants, AI startups and open-source contributors who are shipping incredible AI innovations every week.


With Gooey, you have hot-swappable access to the best of private and open AI models, so you can always leverage the most advanced AI. We have private AI keys to OpenAI, Google, Microsoft, ElevenLabs + more and host the latest AI models from Meta and the Open Source community on our own scalable cluster of A100 GPUs. Hence, you get the benefit of exploring, testing and choosing the perfect AI model(s) for your needs, without having to juggle multiple user logins, access rights and billing accounts.


Custom Data Sources


Open-Source Models


Third-Party APIs



Shared Workflow Services


Communications Platforms


Low-Code/No-Code UX

Case Studies

Measurable AI Solutions for Enterprises


How a WhatApp bot increased productivity in 5 languages.

How can community knowledge be harnessed into community power? Using Gooey’s CoPilot workflow, DigitalGreen incorporated 1000s of videos, fact sheets, call logs and PDFs across 5 languages to create a multilingual Whatsapp bot, Farmer.CHAT. Farmers and agriculture agents ask questions as text or voice notes and the copilot answers with high-quality, accurate and timely best

practices, complete with citations to

relevant videos. 

Messages sent since May 2023

Users including farmers and extension agents

Reported "Very disappointed" if they lost access

Art QR Codes that Drive In-Person Engagement

Increased Print to Scan Rate when compared to regular QR Codes

Eye-catching OOH visuals are critical to any successful brand activation campaign, especially those that require a customer to take action. Our beautiful AI-art QR codes stood out amongst the visual cacophony of advertising language and left a lasting impression on customers of Heineken & Tiger.


Higher Search Rank & Engagement with SERP-powered AI Content.

Fandom is the 15th most popular US site, hosting the largest entertainment-related communities on the web, covering movies, TV series, video games, literature and others. We partnered to generate incredible AI content based on their existing pages, real-time web queries & SERP results.

Session Increase

Page View Increase



No-Code Interface
First time with AI? We got you covered! Our no-code user interface is a breeze to use. Simply define your inputs and voila, get your output in seconds!

Endlessly Customizable
All our workflows offer extensive customization and tweaking for advanced users. Hot swap AI models, adjust prompts and measure performance.

Community Examples
Not sure where to start? Get inspired by the 400,000+ strong Gooey community, with our gallery of public workflows and examples.

One-Click Shareability
All our AI workflows are shareable, discoverable and replicable - supercharge your teams by creating AI workflow templates and remove dependencies

Plug-And-Play API
Building an AI app? Use our APIs to integrate our workflows in seconds. Connect multiple Gooey workflows to create your own! 

Communication Integration
Bring our copilot workflow to Slack, Messenger, Whatsapp, Facebook or your own website or app. Test workflows and get instant feedback!

Infrastructure: Hosted/On Prem
All our workflows can be run in your browser with no special GPU needed! We also offer on-premise deployment for enterprises and businesses.

Pricing: Unified Billing
Our usage-dependent pricing is transparent, straightforward and easy to manage! Add credits with one-time or recurring charges and say goodbye to your billing woes.

Enterprise Ready

Enterprises can seamlessly connect private data sources and run private workflows with on-premise hosting and SOC II Type 2 compliance pending.



When every job requires AI, how do we all keep up?

Let’s face it. AI is scary. It does feel like every organization that uses AI will outshine, outsell and replace their competitors who don’t. How is a person or an organization supposed to keep up?


We think Gooey.AI is part of that answer. We borrow from old traditions of knowledge sharing, tinkering, abstraction and open source, with the goal of building a place where the best AI workflows - small collections of LLM prompts with connections to other API - are discovered and shared.  


Learn more about our open source vision and email us at [email protected] if you’d like to support it.

Get Started With Gooey
In 3 Simple Steps

Just like 400,000+ users across 30 countries, get started with 1000 Credits on Gooey.AI. No credit card needed.

Explore our library of workflows across generative text, voice, video, CoPilots and more – if you need inspiration, check out what our wonderful community has been brewing!

Step 3: Share Your Results

Share your work with just your team or the whole world through a shareable link, embed it in your app through our API or connect it to communications platform, with Gooey so much is possible!

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