The 2023 Gooey.AI Recap

- A Letter from the Gooey.AI Founders
Hello world,
We started Gooey.AI in September 2022 as an idea to spread AI innovation to everyone.
We believed then (as we do now) that most of us will become AI prompt writers - cajoling it to create useful artifacts for us - and API stitchers - connecting AIs to other datasets, AIs or tools. We thought the next logical computing metaphor would be AI workflows - small recipes of AI prompts that run on LLMs and interact with APIs.
We believed Gooey.AI could be useful to every person and organization if we could make it simple and fun to learn from each other’s AI recipes and then run, tweak and re-share them. We felt AI workflows should be built from an ever-expanding foundation of private and open-source AI innovations; people should be able to compare, hot-swap and integrate the latest innovations with minimal effort to facilitate maximum experimentation and innovation.
It’s been incredibly gratifying to see this vision come to life in the last year.
  • 🎉 243,345 people ran over 1.4M Gooey.AI workflows in 2023.
  • 🏆 Gooey.AI ranks among the top 5 Google results for AI Animation, AI QR Code, Lipsync and AI Prompt Image Editor.
  • 📚 We launched our /blog and /docs subsites for Gooey.AI updates and guides.
  • 🤯 We published our guide to thriving in the All-Bot Internet (including tips to craft beautiful QR Codes and zeitgeisty “People Also Ask” answers to help your site rank better).
  • 🌱 Our partner DigitalGreen showcased Farmer.CHAT at the UN General Assembly’s Science Panel - a multilingual WhatsApp bot for Indian, Ethiopian and Kenyan farmers. 1000+ farmers asked Farmer.CHAT over 35,000 questions and it’s been heartening to see other organizations re-use and extend the Farmer.CHAT copilot recipe to more people and places.
  • 💪🏾 Our bulk and eval tools highlighted how well (or poorly) the top speech recognition tools from OpenAI, Bhashini, Google, Meta and Azure understand low-resource languages. Bring your own audio clips to compare how well they work for you or use the eval tool to compare and evaluate any collection of Gooey.AI workflows.
  • 📸 Our copilot workflow now supports vision (so you can use a photo, audio clip or text as input), indexes complex documents (with tables), creates synthetic data (like FAQs) from documents and videos, understands speech and translates hundreds of languages, speaks in custom voices and lipsyncs videos, analyzes and categorizes conversations, can be tested via bulk evaluations and integrates with WhatsApp, Facebook, Slack, Instagram and more. It’s pretty amazing.
  • 💾 We launched Saved Workflows on Dec 25 and already hundreds of people are saving workflows to integrate in their own apps and share back to the community.
🔮And to give you a taste of what’s to come in 2024:
  • Organizations so multiple people can collaborate on a workflow and teams can give every employee access to the best of the GenAI universe
  • Trending AI workflows, organized by industry
  • Profiles so you can find the best Gooey.AI creators (or become one!)
  • Gemini Pro and Mistral support for LLMs and Copilots (in addition to our existing support for GPT4-turbo, GPT-Vision, Palm2 and LLaMA2)
  • Streaming support over WhatsApp, Slack and web-based copilots
As we close this year, we give thanks to our incredible team, investors (especially Bruce Jaffe of J4 & Blume), advisors (especially Vir Kashyap), partners (thank you, DigitalGreen, GenAISolutions &, families, clients and users.
We wish for peace in the year ahead and we hope love, creativity and innovation brings prosperity for us all.
Sean Blagsvedt, Archana Prasad and Dev Aggarwal
Founders, Gooey.AI
PS. Like the masthead picture? Here’s the workflow that made it.
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