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There is a world of AI magic waiting for you. Get on one of our monthly plans and get going right away. is your one-stop-shop to test, fork and tweak the best AI workflows or make your own. Best of all, you can run any workflow via our APIs in your own product or website. 

We support Stripe for payments from all major credit cards. Please mail [email protected] to buy credits via Paypal. 

Buy Credits


1000 Credits to get you up, up and away. Cancel your plan anytime.


5000 Credits + special access to make bespoke interactive video bots! 


Pay $10 to get 1000 credits. Use on an existing plan or as you go.

Herd It

Want a group deal or special access? We want you. Let's chat to get you in.

Night Sky

Use Credits

Gooey.AI calls the paid APIs of other incredible AI makers, hence each workflow run costs you a small set of credits each time you run one or interact with a VideoBot. Each workflow is made of steps each of which has a credit cost:


  • Text: GPT Call. By engine:

    • Davinci - 10

    • Curie - 4

    • Baggage - 2

    • Ada - 1

  • Render image from a prompt:

    • Stability.AI (2,1, 1.5 and 1.4 + other models) - 2

    • Dalle2 - 15

  • Animation from text:

    • .25 credits/frame. 

  • LipSync'd video:

    • 60 seconds of rendering - 10 ​

  • VideoBot interactions (includes GPT3 call + lipsync'd video)

    • Per API call on Gooey.AI: 5 Credits

    • Per interaction on 30 Credits

Schedule Demo

Schedule us for a 1:1 chat and demo if you'd like to get an enterprise or larger group option.

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