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Heineken / Tiger QR Code Case Study

How AI QR codes drive life-real customer engagement

Case Study

Client: Heineken / Tiger Beer Vietnam
Industry: Beverages
Our Role: Artistic QR Codes to drive digital engagement & gather customer analytics data
Workflows Used: AI Art QR Codes, Bulk Runner
Sample AI QR Code Created for Tiger Beer Vietnam

Re-imagining Digital Engagement with AI Art QR Codes

Problem: How Can Heineken Upgrade Old-fashioned QR Codes to Increase the Print-to-scan Scan Rate?

In the ever-evolving landscape of the beverage industry, companies like Heineken constantly seek innovative ways to engage with their customers and drive brand loyalty. Heineken recognized the need to modernize its customer engagement strategies. The traditional QR codes on Heineken products and marketing materials netted low scan rates and were in need of an upgrade.

Solution: Stylised AI-Art QR Codes

In an effort to enhance digital engagement among customers, Heineken collaborated with Gooey.AI to replace blocky, old-fashioned QR codes with visually appealing and personalised AI-Art QR Codes. These QR codes could not only unlock exclusive content but also gather valuable data about consumer interactions and preferences.
The new QR codes incorporated eye-catching artwork and offered a variety of applications - from beer bottles and bar accessories to billboards and menu cards.

User Experience:

User Experience : AI Art QR Codes on a Beverage Bottle
Suggested User Journey : AI Art QR Codes
AI Art QR Codes on Coasters
AI Art QR Codes on Billboards
AI Art QR Codes on Menus
AI ART QR Codes on Labels


The implementation of AI-Art QR codes yielded::
  • Increased Customer Engagement
  • Valuable Customer Insights
  • Enhanced Brand Loyalty
  • Competitive Advantage
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