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No Code AI Workflows

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Access all the latest AI models from OpenAI, Stability, Google and more to bring your vision to life.
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The best place to build, distribute & find Generative AI apps.

We are an AI builder for the world's most innovative eCommerce and online brands - a Zapier + Pinterest for Generative AI. With our low-code platform and strategic consulting, we simplify the complex world of AI.


Access the latest models from OpenAI, Stability, Google and more to bring your vision to life. Find, tweak and fork simple workflows to your own website or app. All from one billing account!

Flower Bulb

We bring together
GPT + WhatsApp + Google Docs

to enable farmers to conversationally
access vetted documents & vide


Featured at the United Nations
April 2023

Try Out Our New
AI Art QR Code Generator

Create AI Art QR Codes that actually work.

Plus, see how many people have scanned your code!

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Your Organization's Documents & Data, Re-imagined with GPT!

Point us at any data source - PDFs, ever changing Google Docs or whole websites - and like Bing on steroids, we’ll parse the results or ingest them to vector DBs or LangChain.  You can then edit the backing GPT script to reimagine your data in infinite ways. From summarization to bot building to redoing your website’s search.

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ChatGPT for Anything on Any Platform! 


We are the most powerful Bot builder period. Train bots on your own documents. Connect them to your own website, app, Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. Support questions and answers in any language. Edit their GPT scripts to give them personality and logic. And to really jazz it up, let your users talk to your bot and add audio + lipsync so they can talk back.

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Empowering Our Partners with Smarter Solutions

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Why Gooey?

  • One billing account to rule them all 

  • Stitch your custom AI workflows together without any code

  • Inspectable no-code workflows. See how others are making amazing stuff 

  • Transparent & simple. No more inscrutable Google Colab notebooks 

  • Connect your site and apps to hundreds of APIs or your own

  • Republish your solution as an API 

Image by Alejandro Ortiz

Create Better Visual Content

Visual Content Creation from Every Model

The best and most powerful image and animation models are all here. Stable Diffusion vs DallE.

Per frame pricing to create incredible animations!

Drive More Traffic

The Smartest AI Tools to Drive Traffic

Generative AI is a great leap forward for companies creating truly personalized and highly ranked content. We've gathered our most powerful workflows to give you tools to attract and delight those you serve

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Instant Deployment


Demo your idea to your team in 5 mins and integrate with your product in an hour

Run any public or private AI workflow via an API too.

curl -s -X POST \

-d '{"version": "...", "input": {"image": ""}}' \

-H "Authorization: Token $GOOEY_API_TOKEN" \

-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \

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Wanna know which tool is best for your particular need? Try them out head to head!​

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Publish your Workflow

Create or tweak workflows and then publish them privately or publicly. Every workflow can be called with a simple REST API and an API_KEY.

Want to create a new workflow? Join our Discord, tell us what you have in mind and we'll set you up.

Building Blocks

Workflows are built of composable blocks in Gooey.AI. Here's a sample of our most interesting ingredients:

  1. GPT3 Prompts: Manipulate any text with the best LLMs from OpenAI and more.

  2. Real-time vector embeddings: Parse any collection of docs, PDFs, webpages, Google Docs, etc. into a vector DB and interact  with it via GPT

  3. Langchain: Got a really huge doc? No problem with MapReduce in Langchain, we can embed it all and run any GPT script against it.

  4. Text to Animation: Create animation from your text with Deforum Stable Diffusion

  5. Speech Recognition: Run the AI-powered speech models from OpenAI (Whisper), Google (USM), and  

  6. LipSync: Create a lipsync'd video from a video & an audio track.

  7. Speak in any Voice: Talk like a celebrity with Google Voice, Uberduck.AI and Eleven.

  8. Text 2 Image: With the best AI art generator models e.g. DallE2, Stable Diffusion (1.5, 2.1) + OpenJourney/MidJourney, Analog Diffussion, Protogen + Dreamlike Photoreal

  9. Improve a Face: Clean up any face with GFPGAN

  10. Mask a Face: Find the face in an image

  11. Auto-Mask: Cut out the product from an image

  12. Product Placement: Your product with realistic backgrounds

  13. SEO SERP support: Look up google search results, related queries and images

  14. Social Lookup: Get a photo, LinkedIn profile, city & more from just an email

  15. Integrations! Connect your Bot to WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook or embed it as webpage widget

Talk to us

Talk with our Team

Tell us what you'd like to build. We're here to help. 


Let's brainstorm and get your Gooey on together!

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