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The best place to build, distribute & find Generative AI apps.


We are an AI builder for the world's most innovative eCommerce and online brands - a Zapier + Pinterest for Generative AI. With our low-code platform and strategic consulting, we simplify the complex world of AI.


Access the latest models from OpenAI, Stability, Google and more to bring your vision to life. Find, tweak and fork simple workflows to your own website or app. All from one billing account!

Featured Workflows

Interactive Video Bot (1).gif

Create an amazing, interactive AI videobot with just a GPT3 script + a video clip or photo. Then host it on your own site or app! Or connect it to your company's Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter account (coming soon).

The best SEO Page Summary for any Google Search (1).gif

Input a Google search query + your website & keywords to get AI search engine optimized content.

This workflow parses the current top ranked sites and generates the best page summary for your site using OpenAI’s GPT3. Get the perfect Webpage summary to optimize your online visibility and help your customers find you easily! 

Product placement (1).gif

Upload your product photo and describe the background. Then use Stable Diffusion's Inpainting AI to create professional background scenery without the photoshoot!

Compare Image Generators (Video) (2).gif

Create multiple AI photos from Stable Diffusion (v1.5 - v2.1), Midjourney  and DallE from one prompt. Determine which AI image generator from OpenAI, Stability.AI works best for your text.

Marketing (Sean + Scarf) (2).gif

Find an email's public photo and draw the face into any AI generated scene using your own prompt + the latest Stable Diffusion or DallE image generator. Plug in this API on your website, app or Social Media account to engage your people easy-peasy!

Get your Emails read (Video) (3).gif

Look up any email's public social profile (LinkedIn, Facebook, the web, etc.) and use associated bio (profile name, employment history, city, etc.) in your GPT3-powered AI mail merge to create personalized emails that get through spam filters. Communication has never been simpler. Craft a great email, every time!  

Instant Deployment


Demo your idea to your team in 5 mins and integrate with your product in an hour

Run any public or private AI workflow via an API too.

curl -s -X POST \

-d '{"version": "...", "input": {"image": "https://example.com/image.jpg"}}' \

-H "Authorization: Token $GOOEY_API_TOKEN" \

-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \


Building Blocks

Workflows are built of composable blocks in Gooey.AI. Here's a sample of our most interesting ingredients:

  1. GPT3 Prompts: Manipulate any text with the best LLMs.

  2. LipSync: Create a lipsync'd video from a video & an audio track.

  3. Text 2 Image: With the best AI art generator models e.g. DallE2, Stable Diffusion (1.5, 2.1) + OpenJourney/MidJourney, Analog Diffussion, Protogen + Dreamlike Photoreal.

  4. Improve a Face: Clean up any face with GFPGAN

  5. Social Lookup: Get a photo, LinkedIn profile, city & more from just an email

  6. Auto-Mask: Cut out the product from an image

  7. Mask a Face: Find the face in an image

  8. Speak in any Voice: Talk like a celebrity with Google Voice, Uberduck.AI and Eleven.

  9. GPT3 Powered Emails: Social lookups + GPT3 for Turing-test passing emails.

  10. Text to Animation: Create animation from your text with Deforum Stable Diffusion 

  11. Product Placement: Your product with realistic backgrounds

Publish your Workflow

Create or tweak workflows and then publish them privately or publicly. Every workflow can be called with a simple REST API and an API_KEY.

Want to create a new workflow? Join our Discord, tell us what you have in mind and we'll set you up.

Why Gooey?

  • One billing account to rule them all 

  • Stitch your custom AI workflows together without any code

  • Inspectable no-code workflows. See how others are making amazing stuff 

  • Transparent & simple. No more inscrutable Google Colab notebooks 

  • Connect your site and apps to hundreds of APIs or your own

  • Republish your solution as an API 


Wanna know which tool is best for your particular need? Try them out head to head!​

Compare Image Generators (Video) (2).gif
Compare LLMS(Video).gif
Copy of Compare LLMS(Video).gif

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