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This is an on-going page where we capture common Q’s from our community and post up here. Don’t see something you need answered, just need a wee bit of help - reach out to us anytime. Schedule a Chat or Demo or email us at [email protected]

What is Gooey.AI?


Gooey AI is a platform to explore multiple generative AI tools. Our applications make it easy to generate unique and inspiring AI-based content. With Gooey AI, you can create stunning images, text, audio or video outputs for your product, project, website or blog without writing a single line of code.


Click here, to check out some of our featured tools!

For whom is Gooey.AI?


With Gooey.AI, everyone is an AI creator and every company is an AI 

company! We believe that Generative AI is the next big thing in the world of digital creativity and brand building. We’re excited to share the AI tools that can help elevate your next big project!


Gooey AI is a one stop platform for anybody who wants to try their hands at Generative AI. If you have your own brand, start-up or company, Gooey will help you grow by adding a layer of intelligence to the products and services you offer. Additionally, we’re excited for citizen developers who are interested in our tools. With Gooey, you can stitch custom API pipelines to link our tools onto your platform without any code! 

We’re also a great fit for interdisciplinary artists, and welcome all who want to explore the amazing possibilities of AI and tech for their upcoming media and art projects. 

How do I use a workflow?

Getting Started

To begin, browse to our ‘Explore’ page and select the workflow you want to use. Follow the steps for each workflow and add the necessary inputs. (Depending on the workflow, this could be a text prompt or an image, audio, or video file.)

Click 'Submit' for your output and save or download your generation as desired.

You can also fine-tune each workflow by going to the 'Settings' section of the workflow menu until you find the generation that works best for you. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

Watch our Workflow Demo Videos, here.

How do I make a custom workflow?

a) How to tweak

On our homepage, click on ‘Explore’  and then navigate to the workflow of your choice. Click on the workflow and add the required inputs. Now before you press ‘Submit’ head to the ‘Settings’ tab where you’ll be able to modify several important variables of the workflow such as the image model, object position, output resolution and more. Choose the settings that best suit your need and then navigate back to ‘Run’ to try out the settings by clicking ‘Submit’.

b) How to Save the tweaks

Gooey.AI automatically saves all your runs in the History for each recipe. Once you login you are able to visit all your previous run and tweak them as required. 



c) Call the API in my own app?

Gooey.AI allows you to call every workflow as an API in your own app! Just head to the workflow you want to integrate into your app and you can get an API key by tapping Run as API and Create Key after logging in. 

Please reach out to us on [email protected] for more information. 

d) Want to make a new workflow?

Have a workflow in mind but can’t find it on our website? No problem! Just write to us on [email protected] and we’d be happy to explore the possibilities of creating a custom workflow for your project.

How do I make a bespoke videobot?


Head to our videobots workflow and check out the examples and training videos. In short, you'll need to: 

1. Create a script

2. Pick a voice

3. Upload a short video that represents your bot's visual design and will be used as the basis for our lipsync'd video.  


How can I hook up my workflow to my website or app?

Gooey.AI allows you to call every workflow as an API in your own app! Just head to the workflow you want to integrate into your app, click on the ‘Run as API’ tab. Once you've logged in, you can see your API keys and/or create a new one.


What do I get when I make a payment/subscribe?


When you make a payment/subscribe to Gooey.AI you receive credits which you can use to run our workflow or to call a workflow as an API on your app/website.


For more information about buying and using credits, please head to our Pricing page.


Why and when do I pay you?


New verified accounts that sign in with Google, Apple or Github on Gooey.AI get 1000 credits to explore and experiment with our tools. Sign in to access your run history, API key & more. Email signups do not get free credits. Gooey.AI calls the paid APIs of other incredible AI makers, hence each workflow run costs you a small set of credits each time you run one or interact with a VideoBot. Each workflow is made of steps each of which has a credit cost.

Once you run out of credits, you can purchase more. We offer the convenience of a single billing account for multiple APIs and reasonable monthly plans to suit all needs. 


For more information about buying and using credits, please head to our Pricing page. 

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