Farmer.CHAT Bulk Evaluator (GPT4, Mixtral, Claude vs Gemini Pro 1.5)

Which AI model actually works best for your needs? Upload your own data and evaluate any Gooey.AI workflow, LLM or AI model against any other. Great for large data sets, AI model evaluation, task automation, parallel processing and automated testing. To get started, paste in a Gooey.AI workflow, upload a CSV of your test data (with header names!), check the mapping of headers to workflow inputs and tap Submit. More tips in the Details below.

Gooey Workflows

Provide one or more Gooey.AI workflow runs.
You can add multiple runs from the same recipe (e.g. two versions of your copilot) and we'll run the inputs over both of them.

Copilot Builder


Copilot Builder

Claude3 Opus

Copilot Builder

Gemini 1.5 Pro

Copilot Builder

Mixtral 8x7b

Input Data Spreadsheet

Upload or link to a CSV or google sheet that contains your sample input data.
For example, for Copilot, this would sample questions or for Art QR Code, would would be pairs of image descriptions and URLs.
Remember to includes header names in your CSV too.


Preview: Here's what you uploaded



Please select which CSV column corresponds to your workflow's input fields.
For the outputs, select the fields that should be included in the output CSV.
To understand what each field represents, check out our API docs.


Evaluation Workflows

(optional) Add one or more Gooey.AI Evaluator Workflows to evaluate the results of your runs.

Copilot Evaluator

Run cost = 1 credits

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