Copilot Builder

Gooey.AI's Copilot is the best chatbot builder anywhere, combining your choice of LLMs (GPT4o, Gemini, Claude3, Mixtral or LLaMA3), knowledge docs from any link or doc/PDF (with table support!), speech recognition, text-to-speech and Lipsync, editable synthetic data pipelines, built in 👍🏿 👎🏼 feedback, conversation analysis, WhatsApp, slack, Facebook and API integrations and much more.

In this example, we present Farmer.CHAT. It uses a collection of documents and transcripts of 100s of videos representing best practices to answer common questions from Indian farmers. We load these documents + transcripts into a vector database. With each question, we search the vector DB and then add the results to a GPT script below to create an answer to the farmer's questions. Simply change the Instructions and Knowledge docs & tap Submit and then Save to make it your own.

To know more, head over to our COPILOT HELP GUIDE

AI Animation Generator

Create AI-generated Animation without relying on complex CoLab notebooks. Input your prompts + keyframes and bring your ideas to life using the animation capabilities of Gooey & Stable Diffusion's Deforum.

To know more, head to our AI ANIMATION HELP GUIDE!

AI QR Code Generator

Generate AI-empowered artistic QR codes tailored to your style for impactful marketing, branding & more with Gooey.AI. Add your URL and image prompt, we'll create in an AI QR code in under 30 seconds. Check out Examples for rad QR code ideas too.

To know more, head to our AI QR CODE HELP GUIDE!


Generate “People Also Ask” SEO Content

Input your Google Search query and discover related Q&As that your audience is asking, so you can create content that is more relevant and engaging. This workflow finds the related queries (aka "People also ask") for your Google search, browses through the URL you provide for all related results from your query and finally, generates cited answers from those results. A great way to quickly improve your website's SEO rank if you already rank well for a given query.

To know more, head over to our "PEOPLE ALSO ASK" HELP GUIDE!

Create a perfect SEO-optimized Title & Paragraph

Input a Google search query + your website & keywords to get AI search engine optimized content. This workflow parses the current top ranked sites and generates the best page summary for your site using OpenAI’s GPT3.5.

To know more, head over to our PERFECT SEO HELP GUIDE!

Browse the web using ChatGPT

Revolutionize the way you search the web. Use the power of GPT to find answers, summarize articles, write essays, translate languages and so much more + latest information from Google, with complete citations to Web pages, PDFs, e-books, etc.

Like Bing + ChatGPT or, this workflow queries Google and then summarizes the results (with citations!) using an editable GPT script. Filter results to your own website so users can ask anything and get answers based only on your site's pages.

Profile Lookup + GPT4 for AI-Personalized Emails

Look up any email's public social profile (from LinkedIn, Facebook, the web, etc) and then use the profile's name, employment history, city, etc in your GPT4-powered AI mail merge to create personalized emails that get through spam filters.


Bulk Runner and Evaluator

Which AI model actually works best for your needs? Upload your own data and evaluate any Gooey.AI workflow, LLM or AI model against any other. Great for large data sets, AI model evaluation, task automation, parallel processing and automated testing. To get started, paste in a Gooey.AI workflow, upload a CSV of your test data (with header names!), check the mapping of headers to workflow inputs and tap Submit. More tips in the Details below.

Bulk Evaluator

Summarize and score every row of any CSV, google sheet or excel with GPT4 (or any LLM you choose). Then average every score in any column to generate automated evaluations.

Synthetic Data Maker for Videos & PDFs

Scan PDFs, read page or transcribe + translate YouTube videos in any language, run your own GPT4 prompt on each page or video and save it all to a Google Sheet. Perfect for making FAQs from a collection PDF, webpage and videos to create your own chatbot or enterprise copilot (ie. just add the finished Google sheet url to the doc section in

To know more head to our SYNTHETIC DATA HELP GUIDE

Compare LLMs: GPT4o, Claude3, Gemini 1.5 Pro, LLaMA3 vs Mixtral

Which language model works best for your prompt? What are the biases inherent in each? Compare LLaMA2, Gemini, Mistral, OpenAI GPT-4 engines with more LLMs being added each month.

Search any document with GPT4

Enhance your search results and summary with Retreival Augemented Generation. Use vector database (vectorDB) search on documents, links, pdfs, docx, txt, and use summarize with any LLM of your choice. You can choose from several embeddings models, customize hybrid search, choose from a range of citation styles and also create synthetic data! If you are looking for a quick RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) tool, look no further!


Use ChatGPT to its fullest potential with Reflexion, Researcher & Resolver Agents

Combines CoT, Reflexion & DERA into a Pipeline.

Inspired by this video from AI Explained - GPT 4 is Smarter than You Think: Introducing SmartGPT

Summarize Large Files with GPT

Upload any collection of PDFs, docs and/or audio files and we'll transcribe them. Then give any GPT based instruction and we'll do a map-reduce and return the result. Great for summarizing large data sets to create structured data. Check out the examples for more.


Run sandboxed Javascript functions & API calls inside your AI recipes. Connect the best of AI to your own data, server or any API.


Lip Sync with Audio File (HD)

Create high-quality, realistic Lipsync animations from any audio file. Input a sample face gif/video + audio and we will automatically generate a lipsync animation that matches your audio. Use with our copilot workflow to build a RAG chatbot on WhatsApp, Facebook, Slack or in your own app.

To know more, head to our LIP SYNC HELP GUIDE!

Lipsync Animation Generator

Create realistic lipsync videos with custom voices. Just upload a video or image, choose or bring your own voice from EvelenLabs to generate amazing videos with the Gooey.AI Lipsync Maker.

Compare AI Voice Generators

Input your text, pick a voice & a Text-to-Speech AI engine to create audio. Compare the best voice generators from Bark/Suno, Google, OpenAI and Azure (great for global dialects) to add automated voices to your podcast, YouTube videos, website, bot or app.

Speech Recognition and Translation

Transcribe mp3, WhatsApp audio + wavs with OpenAI's Whisper or AI4Bharat / Bhashini ASR models. Optionally translate to any language too.

Text to Audio & Music

Generate AI Music with text instruction prompts. AudiLDM is capable of generating realistic audio samples by process any text input. Learn more here.


Edit An Image with AI prompt

Add an image and a prompt and this workflow will alter the image using your text & the latest InstructPix2Pix or Stable Difussion Img2Img AI model. Here you can upload your photo and watch as our prompt Cartoonifies you!

To know more, head over to our AI PHOTO EDITOR HELP GUIDE!

Compare AI Image Generators

Create multiple AI photos from one prompt using Stable Diffusion (1.5 -> 2.1, Open/Midjourney), DallE, and other models. Find out which AI Image generator works best for your text prompt on comparing OpenAI, Stability.AI etc.

To know more, head over to our AI IMAGE GENERATOR HELP GUIDE!

Generate Product Photo Backgrounds

Upload your product photo and describe the background. Then use Stable Diffusion's Inpainting AI to create professional background scenery without the photoshoot.

AI Image with a Face

Upload & extract a face into an AI-generated photo using your text + the latest Stable Diffusion or DallE image generator.

AI Generated Photo from Email Profile Lookup

Find an email's public photo and then draw the face into an AI generated scene using your own prompt + the latest Stable Diffusion or DallE image generator.

Render Image Search Results with AI

Enter a Google Image Search query + your Img2Img text prompt describing how to alter the result to create a unique, relevant ai generated images for any search query.

AI Background Changer

Use Dichotomous Image Segmentation to remove unwanted backgrounds from your images and correct perspective. Awesome when used with other Gooey.AI steps.

Upscale an AI Art Code

Here we've upscaled a QR Code created on for use in printing.