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Gooey.AI's Copilot is the best chatbot builder anywhere, combining your choice of LLMs (GPT4-Turbo/Vision, Gemini or LLaMa2), knowledge docs from any link or doc/PDF (with table support!), speech recognition, text-to-speech and Lipsync, editable synthetic data pipelines, built in πŸ‘πŸΏ πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ feedback, conversation analysis, WhatsApp, slack, Facebook and API integrations and much more.

In this example, we present Farmer.CHAT. It uses a collection of documents and transcripts of 100s of videos representing best practices to answer common questions from Indian farmers. We load these documents + transcripts into a vector database. With each question, we search the vector DB and then add the results to a GPT script below to create an answer to the farmer's questions. Simply change the Instructions and Knowledge docs & tap Submit to make it your own.

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ChatGPT (openai)

πŸ“„ Knowledge

Add documents or links to give your copilot a knowledge base. When asked a question, we'll search them to generate an answer with citations.



Google Text-to-Speech

hi-IN-Wavenet-A (Female)

Please refer to the list of voice names here

Run cost = 4 credits

Breakdown: 1 (ChatGPT (openai)) + 3/run

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Welcome to Farmer.CHAT. I'm an AI πŸ€– designed to help farmers and extension agents. Based on the information found in the search results, the chili cultivation season typically begins in September and lasts till the middle of March [†]. It is recommended to plant chili during this period for successful growth and quality production. Additionally, it's important to consider factors such as soil type, climatic conditions, and water availability when deciding the timing for planting chili [‑]. If you have any specific questions about chili cultivation or need further assistance, feel free to ask! 🌢️

†. Approved - Chilli IPM ICRISAT.pdf, page 2
‑. Plantation of Chilli

When should I plant chili?

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