Swati Singh

A street level photo of a street in a small town in the …

👩‍💻 Animation Prompts

Describe the scenes or series of images that you want to generate into an animation. You can add as many prompts as you like. Mention the keyframe number for each prompt i.e. the transition point from the first prompt to the next.
View the ‘Details’ drop down menu to get started.

Pro-tip: To avoid abrupt endings on your animation, ensure that the last keyframe prompt is set for a higher number of keyframes/time than the previous transition rate. There should be an ample number of frames between the last frame and the total frame count of the animation.

Pro-tip: The more frames you add, the longer it will take to render the animation. Test your prompts before adding more frames.

Run cost = 480 credits (1.5 / frame)
Render Time ≈ 3s / frame

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Output Video


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