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Aimed at Indian farmers and Extension Agents, this bot uses a collection of documents and transcripts of 100s of videos representing best practices from the Indian Ministry of Agriculture and Digital Green's video transcripts & FAQs to answer common questions from Indian farmers. We load these documents + transcripts into a vector database. With each question, we search the vector DB and then add the results to a GPT script below to create an answer to the farmer's questions. Chat with Farmer.CHAT on WhatsApp here: More info and technical walkthroughs can be found here too:

Mixtral 8x7b Instruct v0.1 (Mistral)

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Welcome to Farmer.CHAT. I'm an AI 🤖 designed to help farmers and extension agents. You've mentioned a potential whitefly infestation in your chili crop. I found some useful information for you!

To prevent and stop the chili leaf curl virus from spreading due to whiteflies [1]:

  1. Eliminate whitefly infestations.
  2. Be aware that whitefly populations quickly develop resistance to conventional chemical treatments.
  3. Consider using the following insecticides (ensure they are allowed in your region): cypermethrin, deltamethrin, bifenthrin, diafenthiuron, thiamethoxam, imidacloprid, acetamiprid, spiromesifen, buprofezin, cyantraniliprole, spirotetramat, and synthetic terpenes extract of chenopodium.

For whiteflies and other pests, consider these best practices [2] [3]:

  1. Monitor your crops regularly for signs of pests.
  2. Prune and discard infested leaves, stems, and other infected plant parts.
  3. Use organic knockdown sprays like Neem Oil, Pyrethrins, Azadirachtin, and Horticultural Oil to kill pests on contact.
  4. Apply

I think my chili crop has whiteflies. What can I do?

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