Copilot for the Enterprise

Welcome to the most advanced AI bot available, combining your choice of GPT4, PaLM2 or LLaAM2, a knowledge base build from any document or URL, editable synthetic data pipelines, feedback, conversation analysis and more. In this example, we present Farmer Chat:, which was demo'd at the UN Science Panel in April 2023. Aimed at Indian farmers and Extension Agents, this bot uses a collection of documents and transcripts of 100s of videos representing best practices from the Indian Ministry of Agriculture and Digital Green's video transcripts & FAQs to answer common questions from Indian farmers. We load these documents + transcripts into a vector database. With each question, we search the vector DB and then add the results to a GPT script below to create an answer to the farmer's questions. Chat with Farmer.CHAT on WhatsApp here: More info and technical walkthroughs can be found here too:

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