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Yuma County, located in the southwestern corner of Arizona, boasts a thriving economy that is worth exploring. With a population of over 203,000 people, the county has experienced significant growth in recent years. Between 2010 and the present, Yuma County's population has increased by nearly 15%, while employment has grown by almost 6%[2]. These indicators are a testament to the county's economic performance and potential.

One of the key factors contributing to Yuma County's economic success is its strategic location. Situated near the California and Mexico markets, the county enjoys immediate access to both, making it an attractive destination for businesses[1]. In fact, Yuma County's low cost of doing business and reasonable regulatory environment have made it an ideal choice for companies looking to establish a presence in the region.

Yuma County has identified several core industries that it can offer incentives to, including advanced manufacturing, food processing, aerospace/spaceport, and logistics[2]. The region's manufacturing sector is particularly noteworthy, featuring Fortune 500 companies such as Johnson Controls, Shaw Carpets, Associated Materials, and International Paper[2]. Additionally, Yuma County is known for its strong agricultural sector, producing nearly $3.4 billion in products annually, including 90% of the U.S. supply of winter vegetables[2].

The county is also home to significant economic assets that contribute to its overall performance. For instance, MCAS-Yuma serves as the U.S. Marine Corps' premier aviation training facility, representing $654 million in economic activity each year[2]. Similarly, the Yuma Proving Ground functions as the Army's most versatile weapons testing facility and generates $1.12 billion in economic activity[2]. These assets, along with tourism and manufacturing, play a crucial role in driving economic growth in Yuma County.

Furthermore, Yuma County offers various investment and development opportunities through its eight Opportunity Zones[2]. These zones provide a range of incentives and benefits for businesses looking to invest in the region, further fueling economic development.

In conclusion, Yuma County's economic performance is impressive, with steady population growth, job creation, and a diverse range of industries. Its strategic location, favorable business environment, and strong economic assets contribute to its success. As the largest and fastest-growing city in Arizona outside of the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas, Yuma County is undoubtedly a promising destination for businesses and individuals alike[2].

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