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Ah, Yuma County, Arizona, the land of sunshine and...economics? Let's dive into the financial waters of this southwestern gem.

Yuma County has been making strides in improving its economic conditions by focusing on business development and recruitment that create primary employment opportunities[2]. The county has been working on developing a skilled, trainable local workforce, infrastructure that supports business creation and expansion, and collaborating with local, state, and federal stakeholders to ensure regulations support business opportunities[2]. Talk about a county that's got its ducks in a row!

The Yuma economy relies heavily on three major sectors: agriculture, tourism, and military presence along with associated contractors[4]. The county's agricultural sector alone produces nearly $3.4 billion in products annually, providing 90% of the U.S. supply of winter vegetables[5]. Now that's a lot of salad!

But it's not all about leafy greens. Yuma County is also home to the U.S. Marine Corps' premier aviation training facility (MCAS-Yuma) and the Army's most versatile weapons testing facility (Yuma Proving Ground), which represent $654 million and $1.12 billion in economic activity respectively[5]. Add to that a booming tourism sector that sees the county's population grow by over 76,000 during the winter months, contributing $452 million in economic activity[5]. It seems like Yuma is the place to be when the weather gets chilly!

In terms of job growth, between 2014 and 2017, the Yuma area experienced a growth of 3.5%, resulting in nearly 3,100 new jobs[5]. Moreover, Yuma is the largest and fastest-growing Arizona city outside of the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas[5]. So if you're looking for a job and don't mind the heat, pack your bags!

However, it hasn't all been sunshine and rainbows. The county has faced challenges, including a high unemployment rate which averaged 22.2% over the last five years[3]. But don't worry, it seems like the tide is turning, with indications of a moderate but sustained growth in the local Yuma County economy[3].

In conclusion, Yuma County, with its strategic focus on key sectors and commitment to business development, is making strides in its economic performance. Despite some challenges, the county's diverse economy, from agriculture to military to tourism, is showing signs of resilience and growth. So next time you're munching on your winter salad,

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